5 Reasons to Start a Business While You’re in College

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but college is about more than partying. In fact, the freedom and resources afforded by most colleges offer students the perfect environment to start a business, should they wish to accomplish such an endeavor. If this sounds like you, or even if it doesn’t and you’re skeptical, read on–here are five reasons to start a business while you’re still in college.

1. Networking and Forging Positive Relationships

You have probably heard this before, but college is the place to network! Because of this, starting a business is easy. The people you reach out to and collaborate with do not even necessarily have to be your friends. Talk to your professors, alumni, and professionals and entrepreneurs affiliated with your school to see if any of them would be willing to either lend some advice or hear your idea and potentially lend you some of their resources.

2. Grants and Other Free Money

Whether you’re seeking an online MBA or an MFA, applying for business and education-related grants and scholarships is a great way to obtain the cash flow necessary to starting a formidable business. Aside from grants and scholarships, though, many schools will hold monthly and annual contests with various monetary prizes. Stay on top of the events your school is holding and make sure that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

3. Access to College Resources

When considering starting a business in college, one of the most common errors college students make is underestimating the resources available to them through their college. Whether you’re applying to Chapman University or Boston College, seek out institutions with notable alumni, well-connected professors, and students, and expansive connections with businesses you would be interested in either modeling yours after or working with yourself. If you do end up contacting businesses for information, make sure to exploit your status as a student to the furthest possible extent. Milk them for all the information you can, as they are more likely to share trade secrets with a student.

4. You Have the Time

Let’s be honest, you have the time. Sure, you might sacrifice a few nights out partying, but wouldn’t it be better to be gaining some necessary life experience starting your own business and simultaneously be working on expanding your resume? Even better, you likely do not have deep commitments that would make a business venture more precarious for someone older.

5. College is About Teamwork, So is Business

One fundamental principle shared by both the business and college worlds is teamwork. Whether you have to manage employees or assist customers, learning to work in tandem with the desires and whims of others is tantamount to running a successful business.